I had the pleasure of working for L'Oreal on a design project to create a set of graphics for a downloadable emoji keyboard. 
The project's objective was to develop a range of emojis that would embody the L'Oreal brand and appeal to its target audience. To begin the project, I conducted in-depth research into L'Oreal's branding guidelines, product line, and consumer demographics. This analysis enabled me to understand the type of emojis that would align with L'Oreal's branding and resonate with the consumer market.
Following my initial research, I proceeded to sketch a variety of different emoji concepts that could seamlessly integrate with L'Oreal's product lines. I focused on developing emojis that would represent L'Oreal's makeup, hair care, and skincare ranges while also incorporating a range of skin tones. This inclusivity and diversity were significant elements in L'Oreal's branding and align with its target audience's values.
After developing a set of initial sketches, and building them in adobe Illustrator, I worked closely with the project manager to refine the designs. The goal was to create emojis that were easy to recognize, legible, and visually appealing. Moreover, I ensured that the emojis would be easily distinguishable and usable when viewed in a smaller size, as is crucial for keyboard emojis. I'm pleased to say that the designs I developed received positive feedback from L'Oreal and were used as a jumping off point for the rest of the keyboard set. It was a collaborative effort that involved extensive research and refining to create emojis that aligned with L'Oreal's branding and appealed to their consumers.
Courtesy L'Oreal USA
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