At the heart of my design philosophy lies a deep passion for translating complex ideas into simple, understandable concepts that enhance the end-user's experience. My goal is to create designs that not only look great but also function seamlessly and intuitively.
Photo 2023 by Anya Tanner
Ai Mitton considers herself fortunate to have designed across a wide spectrum of platforms, including websites, digital billboards, game design, and animation. She graduated with a BFA from Utah Valley University. Having designed for audiences both domestically and overseas, she has gained a thorough understanding of end-users' needs, emphasizing the importance of UX/UI considerations in all aspects of design.
Throughout her experience, Ai has recognized the value of advocating for the customer. By utilizing human-centered design methods such as storyboards, wireframes, research, whiteboarding sessions, and user testing, she collaborates with team members to create products that appeal to the target demographic and beyond. The scope of her experience serves her ability to continue to support projects from the development stages to final product.
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