In my work, I had the opportunity to collaborate on a comprehensive training program that required the use of graphics and illustrations. As part of this project, I designed and developed various visual aids to help illustrate key concepts and ideas in the training materials.
To create these visuals, I used a combination of tools and software, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I also worked closely with the instructional designer of the course to ensure that the graphics and illustrations aligned with the overall goals and objectives. It was also important the visuals remained within brand guidelines.
In addition, I solicited feedback from stakeholders and users to refine and improve the visuals over time. This approach allowed us to create a training program that was highly successful in achieving its learning objectives and engaging learners, as demonstrated by the course success rate and other key performance indicators.
I am proud of the work that the team accomplished on this project and the positive impact it had on the learners. This experience further enhanced my skills in graphic design, collaboration, and project management, and I look forward to applying these skills to future projects.
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