Welcome to my motion graphics and animation demo reel! 
Here, you'll find a selection of clips from videos that were created to supplement online learning modules in various University courses. In order to bring these projects to life, I utilized a range of tools from the Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Animate, Character Animator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.
The process:
Each project begins with a collaborative planning meeting with the creative, content, and management departments. Once a script is provided by a writer, I begin working on storyboards, and defining the intended art style, to be approved by the stakeholder.
After the rough storyboards are approved and the vocal track has been recorded, I meticulously edit the audio tracks and create a timed storyboard to demonstrate the pacing of the scenes with the voiceover tracks. These are revised and approved by the stakeholder before I continue with the animations.
Upon completion, a complete animation is submitted to the stakeholder for final changes, after which I make the final improvements, add closed captions, and submit the final edit. I also assist in delivery and package up the assets for archiving and potential future use.

I hope you enjoy this collection! Take a moment to view my demo reel and gain a glimpse into my creative approach and expertise in motion graphics and animation.
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