ai mitton creative | Custom animations, motion graphics and kinetic promos
Ai Mitton creates custom 2-d animations for you or your business. From a short introduction for your app to a video to explain indepth concepts, Ai can help.
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Custom graphic designs turned into informative media – to help show and explain complex ideas.

Ai uses only the latest, industry-standard technology. She is constantly learning and stays up-to-date with the latest in technology so she can offer the most cutting-edge designs to her clientele. Her custom animations will add an extra sparkle to your project.


For webspace or adspace, an animation might be right for you. Whether a kinetic promo, motion graphics or other 2-d animation, Ai has the proven experience and track record to help you impress your audience.

SquareHook Re-design

Motion graphic made in tandem with site redesign.

Piracle Payment Tools

Kinetic promo created to announce integration with Netsuite.

SquareHook Meetups

Animation created to increase interest in SquareHook’s meetups.

Kiosk Ad

Digital animated ad for electronic Kiosk ad campaign.

Piracle Payment Solutions

Created to be an educator and entertainment piece on the home page of the Piracle website.

SquareHook introduction

This kinetic infographic created for SquareHook assisted in aquainting potential clients to SquareHook’s CMS.

Custom animations from $2500

Contact Ai to set up a free consultation and see if an animated infographic is right for you.